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Our Venue

Situated between mountains and lake our venue provide a peaceful setting for all dressage enthousiasts.

The domaine Imperial where our stables can be found once belonged to Napoleon. Since his time however the domain has been split into three parts: The Villa, The Golf and the "Farm". The latter of these is now known as Ecurie Ted Jonker.

With its green yet secluded setting , rich history and  beautiful architecture it is hard not to feel like you have gone back in time. It is precisely this feeling all our riders enjoy and which allows them to leave work and busy city lives at the gates and focus on their horses and the dressage sport.

Once a year, during the competition, we open our doors and welcome anyone to have a look and enjoy this wonderful venue and show.

Our yard is composed of a main stable building with a central hall way, a 20m x 40m outdoor completely built out off wood and still in the original design and style, a 20m x 60m outdoor arena , several large fields, two sand paddocks and a separate lunging circle found in the shade of the forest which runs along one side of the property.

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