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Meet the Team

  • Owner: Mrs. Ted Jonker

  • President of the OC: Mrs. Anna Lamm

  • Secretary CDN: Pamela Jonker

  • Secretary CDI: Danielle de Lange

  • Treasury and prizes: Jacky Jonker

  • Sponsoring: Danielle de Lange

  • FEI Liaison and press office:  Annelise Moens




    Our wonderful and generous volunteers !

Ted Marengo Prangins.jpg

Dressage Training

Ecurie Ted Jonker is a family run Dressage yard with an aim to achieve the very best possible results out of each rider-horse combination. With Young riders starting on the very smallest ponies and working through the levels all the way up to Grand Prix.


While the daily running of the yard is done by the Mother - Daughter  combo the dressage competition is much more of an all round effort by all those riding, training and working with Ted and Pamela Jonker.

Team 2.jpg


In addition to the daily training of horses and riders the Jonker family also have their own dressage horse breeding project and have a wide network of horse trainers and breeders around Europe. To see some of the horses produced by the family Jonker stud and get more info please click here.

For more information or if you would like to join the team in our efforts to promote dressage and motivate the youngest generations please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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